A first impression is our immediate read of what we can expect from someone or something. Your Company’s Business Proposal design represents you in the competition against numerous, sometimes hundreds of competitors who want the same job. In the sea of all these Project Proposals, the cover of your proposal is what is been seen first, it’s the first impression.

We all know that we “judge a book by its cover”, if we don’t like what we see on the outside, we usually don’t give the inside a chance. For a Project Proposal especially, the cover is the number one selling point. It should be clean, interesting, visually pleasing, and a reflection of who you are as a company. The proposal cover design also lets the viewer know if you are approaching this project with a unique attitude.

Every Business is different and every project is unique. Therefore, clip art, stock imagery, and unrelated graphics tell the viewer that the project proposal has not been treated with a distinct care. Each proposal cover should be tailored to fit you and the project you are applying for, so let AlphaGraph Creative Group Consulting help you succeed.