The world would be dull and lifeless without it’s range of beautiful colors. Hue or color is one of the most powerful elements in art and design and has a significant impact on how something is perceived. While color can be categorized and explained through charts, it takes a designer’s expertise to imply it right. In the design world color is implied to bring a 2D printed or digital design to life. AlphaGraph Creative Group uses color in their design services to create beautiful and strong marketing material, proposal graphics, branding identities and editorial design needs.

Color implies a feeling or mood to designed graphics therefore it should be used in appropriate terms. World’s most successful brands are recognized not only by their product or service, but also by their colors. Bigger corporations tend to use bold and screaming colors such as red for Coca-Cola and Target. But brighter and louder is not always better. Depending on your business and graphic needs, color should be implied to enhance your service, not to overpower it. Any color used for your marketing collaterals or corporate graphics should stay consistent with your brand identity and color palette. This will maintain coherency in your brand identity and create a stronger, more recognizable representation of your business.

While your taste in color might be great, it might not be the best for your design. Usage of Color schemes play a big role in a brand’s perception, if used wrong, it won’t be well received and that will reflect on your business. Using the right color or arrangements of color to achieve harmony in any designed material is art. There is not one color or color combination that fits universally for all design needs. As each company, brand, business and project is different from one another, the application of color should be unique to fit its purpose as well. AlphaGraph Creative Group Consulting creates a customized color palette that represents your business the best, while adding visual harmony and recognition to your graphic products.