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We are visual people, in a world where our eye is immediately driven to what looks good. AlphaGraph Creative Group knows that. If we see a product package, an advertising design or an interesting graphic, we tend to be more interested in it than something plain and boring. We scan and judge a book by its cover, as an article by The Sunday Morning CBS News concluded. Corporate, editorial, environmental as well as custom publications need to have a strong book cover design to stand out in the competition amongst others.

The cover is the face of what is inside. Now, we all see hundreds of faces in our everyday lives, most of them we don’t remember. But if we are around an unfamiliar group of people we scan through the crowd, at each person’s face to make our immediate judgment of whom we might like and who seems interesting. Just like a first impression, that tells so much about you. Book covers are no different. Now wouldn’t you want to give your book the most attractive face? Yes, the author, the title the price and the book reviews are important factors as well, but more than anything it is still our immediate response of the cover that pulls us in according to a discussion forum on

The trick of designing a successful book cover is to keep it simple, clean and unique. It should give a glimpse into what’s inside, without giving it away. Use of imagery is also a way to catch the viewer’s attention, along with some well-chosen Typography. Yet again, these are just suggestions and point to consider, but there is not one correct formula for a successful book cover design. The most important thing for a good book cover is that it is unique and represents the content of what’s inside. The Huffington post continues an ongoing series called “Under The Covers” where interesting book covers are collected and reviewed. Alphagraph Consulting does not use Stock images, Clip art or unrelated graphics. Instead, each project and cover design is approached with a conceptual ideas and a tailored design that fits your book the best.