We live in a visual world, where pictures say more than 1000 words. Catch the viewer’s attention, show them what they want to see, and be tasteful about it. It is important for any well-designed business graphics to intrigue the viewer in the first few seconds, when their eyes are scanning over a flyer, ad, and brochure or project proposal. Clients like to see what your business or service is offering, therefore, promotional and marketing brochures that include product shots allow the viewer to get an immediate understanding of the product. Images also carry symbolic meaning and allow for the viewer to look beyond what you are presenting, the right picture will activate their imagination build an interest for what you have to offer.

There is a wide range of image styles to choose from – black and white, full saturation, focus on detail, capturing a moment, etc. Choosing the right type of imagery should follow the client’s “Brand Style Guide”, in compliment to the rest of the designed collateral. The image should fit visually and conceptually within the design structure, and be in addition to the remaining design elements. Not every graphic design material requires use of images, such as business cards or brand logos. But a Real Estate Brochure, a Business Proposals or a Project Presentations can loose the viewer’s attention when any relatable imagery is missing; after all, customers like being visually entertained.

Symbols, graphics and signs are essential parts of any designed product that help translate data, carry a message and communicate the overall goal of the product to the viewer. The result will be visually pleasing, but could lack the “human touch”, especially if the presented business or service serves a personal matter. The use of imagery adds a lot of sentimental meaning and communicative power to a designed business graphics, and connects with the client on an emotional level. Your business, your service or the product you are advertising for gains a level of sympathy and trust from the client, when they see a photograph, a “human touch”. A simple image has much to offer. The buyer of a new house can immediately see themselves and their future living-room, spending quality time with the family; a project reviewer can see that your company’s project proposal means more to you than just numbers, and that any business collateral represents a company with a humanistic perspective.

AlphaGraph Creative Group will help you enhance all your graphic business needs, with the correct use of image that will strengthen your company’s goals and make you rise above your competitors.