design-is-the-new-business-blog published an article about the influence of design on any business, big or small. “Welcome to the Era of Design,” simply states that design is an essential part of marketing as well as society. If a logo, a book, a brochure or any promotional matter is not memorable and pleasing to look, the success of that business won’t be prosperous. Good design does not translate into a visual that just looks pleasing to the eye. Rather it emphasizes the company’s business strategy towards a user-friendly, trustful and progressive brand. It is not surprising then, that the first three ingredients for a successful corporate business are, Logo, Type and Color.

The impact of design for any given business is inevitable, but is every design a good design? Consumers and costumers base their judgment of your business or service on what they see and remember. As much as a strong and memorable graphic design identity such as Nike and McDonalds are successful as a business, misrepresented and weak graphic design choices will not do the business any favor. A designer that understands your brand and business can be a great asset. Business owners and designers such as AlphaGraph Creative Group share the same interest – to create the best design. Therefore, investing in a professional design agency will pay off in every aspect. An infographic on survey website shows the percentage relation between businesses and their spending habits, and their increasing spending prediction for design needs. You have a choice, be proactive. Starting right, preventing struggle, and being confident about your graphic design outcome, just to mention a few, are benefits you can enjoy with AlphaGraph consulting.

An article on calls it “10 Golden Rules for Getting Great Work From a Design Agency”, for the right reasons. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with a graphic designer of choice is as crucial to the outcome as the designers skills in its profession. Therefore, it is important that you feel comfortable with your designer or design agency, because only a trustworthy and mutually respected relationship will allow for success. Make sure that the designer understands your business and that the design represents your service and goals. A beautiful designed product fails its purpose if it does not communicate your company’s service or is not true to our brand. In that case, the designer should be researching creative inspiration to fit your project needs rather than using templates, clip art or what many call a go to Type such as Helvetica.