When it comes to the design of any digital or print media, one of the most important factors is often forgotten – Typography. What is Typography? What does it say about your company? How can it compliment your design? These are some of the factors that AlphaGraph Creative Group establishes to create the most successful design for your purposes. From Marketing Materials, Commercial Design, Proposal Graphics to Cooperate Branding, AlphaGraph Consulting treats every project with uniqueness and intricacy. This approach will make your Business Design distinguishable and strong in the competitive market place.

Typography is the artistic application and technique of arranging typefaces for communication purposes. Simply said, it is the arrangement of letters and words, which communicates a message; if the typographic treatment is correct, it will reinforce and compliment the message.

Regardless what the product is, a Commercial Flyer, a Business Project Proposal, Real Estate brochures or any Corporate Print Material, how something is written can be as crucial as what is written. The use of the appropriate typography is therefore a key factor for a successful graphic product. A chosen typeface says a lot about you, and thus is an element that should be well considered.

Being aware of the typographic choices for your designed material can make all the difference. For a client or project reviewer this reflects on your company’s work ethics, that you pay attention to detail, and that your business is considered of its choices. Coherent with your Brand Identity, Typography will solidify your product visually and symbolically.

Last but not least, the overall typographic treatment needs to be clean, legible, simple and well designed. The typography in the designed material should complement the overall design, and not distract from it. Alphagraph Consulting will provide you with the most appropriate design options, to exceed your service needs and vision.