Designed to Sell: Great design helps sell your book

Creating the design for ‘Armenia and Karabakh: The Stone Garden Travel Guide’ was a team effort by Matthew Karanian, the book’s author, and by Harut Art Genjoyan, the book’s creative designer. The author discusses their collaborative effort in this post. As any author knows, writing a book is only the first step of a long process. The […]

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Design is the New Business published an article about the influence of design on any business, big or small. “Welcome to the Era of Design,” simply states that design is an essential part of marketing as well as society. If a logo, a book, a brochure or any promotional matter is not memorable and pleasing to look, the success […]

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Usage of Color

The world would be dull and lifeless without it’s range of beautiful colors. Hue or color is one of the most powerful elements in art and design and has a significant impact on how something is perceived. While color can be categorized and explained through charts, it takes a designer’s expertise to imply it right. […]

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Put on the best face for your book

We are visual people, in a world where our eye is immediately driven to what looks good. AlphaGraph Creative Group knows that. If we see a product package, an advertising design or an interesting graphic, we tend to be more interested in it than something plain and boring. We scan and judge a book by its cover, […]

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Care for the right Type?

When it comes to the design of any digital or print media, one of the most important factors is often forgotten – Typography. What is Typography? What does it say about your company? How can it compliment your design? These are some of the factors that AlphaGraph Creative Group establishes to create the most successful […]

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Power to Images

We live in a visual world, where pictures say more than 1000 words. Catch the viewer’s attention, show them what they want to see, and be tasteful about it. It is important for any well-designed business graphics to intrigue the viewer in the first few seconds, when their eyes are scanning over a flyer, ad, […]

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Why a Designed Proposal Counts

TIME FOR A MAKEOVER Put a new twist on your company’s Project Proposal with AlphaGraph Design Team. Fast turnaround proposal graphics, also next day proposal graphics available upon project requirements. Let us help you build a strong and cohesive system for generating communicative graphics and demonstrative illustrations for proposals, brochures, publications, websites and all graphic needs. TRANSFORMATION […]

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